How to sustain or improve your ‘competitive position’ in the market?

Success in organizations is almost always . And it will require risk-taking and significant efforts to maintain or sustain past success. The major distinguishing factor to sustain economic performance is relentless strategic innovation.


Nudging to Adapt or to Transform Your Firm and its Competitiveness

A clear strategy may become a necessity to remain relevant in the market and sustain your competitive advantage. Competition is relentless and only focus on performance will allow the organization to continue to strategically grow. We’ll partner with you to transform where necessary.

Both the organization as well as the individuals within the organization will need to continuously adapt and learn to remain competitive. New competencies may be needed – especially in an era of digital transformation and global competition. We can partner to have a joint stake to make that transformation happening.

Three main areas to partner with you to improve your firm’s overall performance
Good Corporate
Governance Practices

Any business – both in the emerging markets and developed markets – will be hungry for capital to finance growth. In emerging markets, the local capital markets are still in their infancy, and local supplies of capital can be limited. Attracting foreign global capital could be one venue, or private local equity or favorable corporate loans or bank loans. Either way, implementing good corporate governance practices will help to reduce risk and assure proper procedures and processes. At the end of the day, it is all about creating trust in the board and its management. The Boardroom Partnership will partner with you and collaborate to improve the governance practices, creating the necessary trust. Once that trust has been established, it will be easier to attract local and or foreign partners and or capital.

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Strategy & Integrated
Risk Management

Once the proper foundations of good corporate governance are in place, proper vision and strategy can be thought through that involves Integrating all risk perspectives for the company. Boards with a good strategy should enable and empower directors and managers to implement those approved strategies. In a fierce global competitive environment, boards and management have a fiduciary duty to prepare a futureproof organization that provide a decent risk-adjusted return on the investment, and creates products, services and experiences for its customers, and empower its employees to thrive in a meaningful organization.

Strategy and its related risks is about envisioning a meaningful future where customers pay for the service, product or experience offered by the firm. Hence why different time horizons need to be established, where finetuning may help current assets to be optimized and fully exploited, while also explore new insights that will lead to innovative products or services through entrepreneurial trial and error processes. Likely this includes the digitization of some of the firm’s core processes.

Sustainability and

Successful organizations need to demonstrate a willingness to engage critical stakeholders in some of the decision-making, to embrace a culture of openness, and transparency, to be fair and consistent in relations with those key stakeholders, and to have an organizational infrastructure that safeguard and ensure corporate trust and reputation. Although best corporate governance practices at firm level may not consistently guarantee superior return on investments, it can provide a safety net and prescribe certain behaviour within the organizational culture to adhere to high standards of transparency, fairness, proper equity rights, accountability and responsibility.

Reputation of a firm takes years to develop but can be lost in minutes. Especially when companies cause negative externalities that harm environment and community, a crisis can easily erupt. Hence why boards and their companies should prevent such self-inflicted crises and prepare if an unintentional one would emerge. In addition of having established proper governance foundations for the company, a board should focus on the ecological and social-ethical aspects of these new ESG-criteria. At the end of the day, any company should aim to have a net positive impact on its surrounding, subtracting the negative impact of the positive impact of a firm.

We actively partner with you and your firm to ensure an above average risk- adjusted return on the invested capital while engaging with those who have a real stake in the organization and to commit to non-financial ESG objectives, in line with the latest agreed IFRS principles and IASB & ISSB standards.


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