We are not your consultant or advisor, we will be your partner to enhance your position in a globalized competitive market.


Why us?

As your partner – not just an advisor or consultant - we have our skin in the game to help to improve your competitiveness in the market. We will work with you to make your organization more successful for and with you.

We have the experience to partner with boards
and C-executives

  • To review or strengthen the mission, vision and purpose of an organization, to fine tune the generic direction the organization wants to move to,
  • To reflect and improve the strategy [and the associated risks] to be executed to sustain the performance of the organization,
  • To strengthen the right structures and secure the ‘right’ management system in place,
  • To help develop people or talent to execute the strategy,
  • To ensure that the growth of the organization is maintained and to deliver the expected or desired performance or results.
We partner with you to make sure that within this globalized competitive market, your organization is prepared to continue to grow or to review its direction, using innovative technology and the right people to execute the strategy, and to remain competitive in an era of digitalization and interdependent eco-systems.

As your partners, our own network and expertise aims to strengthen the push for improved or sustained performance at your organization.
What we do differently?

We are looking for concrete results to enhance your competitiveness in the market. Hence why we need to work together with you.

The Boardroom Partnership works with you

  • To take your (Asian-based or Indonesian) company from a local player to a global competitive firm, including to assist you in negotiating with international investors and to implement ESG-criteria and policies to remain relevant in a global economy.
  • To also help [foreign] companies to become local participants in Indonesia or ASEAN, including M&A strategic advice, and local-global partnership.
We would be your partner in improving your positioning in the industry and your overall competitiveness and make you a more performing sustainable company, both from an economic as well as from a socio-ecological perspective.


The Boardroom Partnership
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